Ganzhou Government Holds 39th Executive Meeting to Study Speeding up Tourism Industry Development

source: Updated: 2016-10-31

On August 4, Ganzhou Municipal Government held the 39th Executive Meeting, and studied and discussed the topics of accelerating the development of the tourism industry in Ganzhou, assessment systems for 2009 tourism industry development, the overall publicity and marketing of Ganzhou tourism, and the organization of 3th China Eco-tourism Cultural Festival in Ganzhou (Shangyou) and others. Wang Ping, Deputy Party Chief and Mayor of Ganzhou, chaired the meeting.

City leaders Luo Bingfeng, Pan Changkun, Lin Zehua, Liu Cong, Liu Jianping, and Zhan Yanzun attended the meeting. City leader Cao Xiaoqiu was invited to attend the meeting.

Wang Ping pointed out at the meeting that the tourism industry could stimulate large-scale flow of people, goods and materials and information, and effectively concentrate popularity, wealth and fame. It could not only join internationalization and modernization, but also promote reform and opening up, the optimization and upgrading of economic structure and urban and regional functions as well. Therefore, the development of tourism has great significance in promoting sustainable development of Ganzhou. He stressed that the development of tourism should not include every aspect. In accordance with the thinking of "nurturing big brands, opening up big market and developing big industries", we should have creative ideas to configure a variety of tourism resources, concentrate financial resources and energy to develop one or two aspects and gather up advantageous resources to turn Ganzhou's tourism industry into the leading industry of modern service industry and the pillar industry of the national economy.