A Haven of Peace outside Ganzhou Urban Area

source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Longju Fort


Longteng Pavilion


Hakka Tea-picking Opera


Make Rice Cake


Animal Acrobatics in Forest Zoo


There is a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the world. People enjoy leisure time there and take it as the home.

Wulong Hakka Customs Park is the only one with the theme of Hakka culture in East China. Taking the ecological environment as the carrier, it is a resort integrating leisure, recreation, tourism, self-cultivation, sports fitness and outward bound.

With the initial investment of over 150 million yuan, it covers an area of 1500 mu, including 350 mu water surface. Over the years, people who know Ganzhou talk about the resort and people who have been there are reluctant to this home. (Reporter Liu Xiaojiang, Liu Nianhai and Trainee Xia Le)