One-day Trip in Ganzhou

source: Updated: 2016-10-31


 Tour Sung Dynasty in urban district of Ganzhou city

Firstly we visit the first of Jiangnan rock caves- Tongtian rock Scenic Area the National AAAA-class tourist area, after we visit the Bao hyacinth farm which is the National AAAA-class sets tourist and leisure, entertainment, conferences, eco-Po as a whole, following we visit to Ganzhou city culture birthplace -Bajingtai, XinQiji Youyitai and JiangJinguo's  former residence, ancient bridge, the ancient wall, afternoon we visit to the brand of kakka with long for the cultural details , Wulong Hakka style park which sets leisure and entertainment, tourist resort, convention and exhibition, popular science education, the Green juvenile ethics training base for the integrated multi-functional tourist destination as a whole,then visit the sets science and technology, education, culture, training, entertainment, and communicate as a whole, comprehensive youth activities of Science and Technology Museum, and feel the wonders of science, tour colorful night, gorgeous color plaque of Riverside Avenue and Golden Square, enjoy the beauty and quiet night.