Four-day Trip in Ganzhou

source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Four-day Trip in Xingguo-Yudu-Ruijin-Ganzhou-Xinfeng

The first day: to the General County -Xingguo and visit Xingguo General Hall, revolutionary martyr cemetery, Jianjiang Study (MaoZedong's former residence),stay in Xingguo.

The next day: go to Ningdu County to visit Ningdu old intifada address, tour national scenic area Forest Park- the peak of Cuiwei, then went to Ruijin and stay in Ruijin.

The third day: After breakfast visit Shazhou dam address of the revolutionary group in Yeping town : Chinese soviet seat of the Provisional Central Government, after return to Ganzhou, on this way to visit the first ferry of Long March -Yudu River ferry, last stay in Ganzhou.

Fourth day: early tour Sung Dynasty Village Ganzhou's  landscape: National AAAA-class tourist areas, the first southern rock caves-Tongtian scenic area, afer go to Xinfeng conty to visit the South three-year guerrilla war memorial, last return back, the journey to the end.